Headlamp Converters DIY

Are you thinking about doing a bit of headlamp converters DIY? Read this and then decide whether it's worth it. I've spoken to some people in the past who say to me "I just use some Masking Tape" it's fine or "I bought some on an auction website they were only £4. These type of comments always makes me smile. Let me say why.

Warning - Black Masking Tape

Due to the improvements in headlamp bulb technology in recent times and the introduction of new Projector, Ellipsoidal and Clear Lens headlamps, it has made the use of DIY versions or cheap alternatives on Auction websites a dangerous game to play.

Making sure you have eliminated the dazzle effect of modern day headlights is not so easy any-more, you need the right tool for the job.

Using shoddy products or home-made remedies is a risk we don't recommend you take, especially when the market leading product is available for around £6 delivered to your door.

DIY, Road Worthy?

If your vehicle is not deemed roadworthy then that means that your car shouldn't be on the road and will void your car insurance. If you are involved in an accident when you had your lights on you may be in trouble if the other driver says "I was dazzled by his lights".

Black masking tape will absorb a percentage of the headlight beam and convert it into heat energy. This will have two potential damning effects, one it will reduce your night visbilty and two cause a 'hot spot' on the lens.

If you have your lights on for prolonged periods you may suffer a cracked lens and/or a brown burnt effect on a plastic lens.

You Know it Makes Sense

You should always get the best that money can buy, especially when the best are only £5.99 including delivery.

See Our Full Product Range

To see your options to save money by purchasing 2 or more sets of headlight beam converters at once and details of our "Full Driving in France Kit" see our product range here.