Headlamp Converters

Guess what this website specialises in? We sell the original and the best Headlamp Beam Converters on the market today, don't be fooled by cheap imitations on auction websites these are the UK's Number 1 selling Headlight Deflectors for driving in France.

Rather than being a jack of all trades we are experts in this one field, headlamp converters for driving in France.

Jump straight to the product page or find them even cheaper as part of this Europe Driving Kit.

Our Headlamp Converters come with easy to follow fitting instructions for cars and vans. You can use these on every type of headlight on the very newest cars on the road today or "Classic Cars" with the old headlights which have line patterns in the glass.

They are also suitable for Xenon headlights and HID bulbs. Our headlamp converters safely redirect the beam from your headlights. They don't simply block the beam, which will reduce your overall visibility.

So relax, because no matter what you drive - our headlamp converters will fit. That's right, ours fit all makes and models of car, van, motorhome and motorcycle on the road today and come with a diagram and straightforward fitting instructions.

Are Headlamp Converters Compulsory in France?

Yes they are compulsory. It is the law in France and most other mainland European countries that UK cars fit these headlight beam deflectors. This is simply to make sure you don’t cause an accident by dazzling oncoming traffic.

They do have to be fitted even if you are only driving during daytime. Failure to comply with this law is going to mean that you can suffer a hefty on the spot fine as it's a legal requirement while driving in France. Remember even during daylight hours, you MUST divert the beam of your headlights to make sure you do not dazzle oncoming traffic.

Your UK car will as standard have the beams set for driving on the left hand side of the road and therefore when on the right hand side of the road throughout France, or any other mainland European country, you will be a menace to other drivers.

Driving in France without having these fitted carries a 90 Euro on-the-spot fine.

Latest Technology

Headlampconverters.co.uk only use the very latest technology Headlamp Beam Deflectors that are designed to bend the beam NOT just block it out. This way your headlights will still be bright, they just won't dazzle oncoming vehicles while driving through Europe.

They can also be used if you are driving a left hand drive vehicle while driving in the UK.

Our Customer Service Promise

Firstly we offer a no quibble money back guarantee so if you are not entirely happy with your purchase then you can send it back (unused) for a full refund of the purchase price.

Prompt Delivery

Unlike certain sellers on auction websites we don't save all the orders up and wander down to the post office once a week. We post out orders every single working day. We simply have to, due to the volume of sales. Try and order before 2.30 pm if you want same day dispatch, although we cannot guarantee this during the very busy summer months.

After Your Holiday

When you do return to the UK it is very easy to remove them.

Buy 2 or More Pairs

We offer the chance for people who drive over to France several times a year to save money via multi-pack purchases.

European Breakdown Cover

We have an arrangement with a leading European Breakdown Cover specialist who offer cover for short single trips or annual cover. See here for details.


The original and still the best! Have fun while driving through Europe, but also make sure you are safe and legal.