Headlight Deflectors

We always used to sell a different brand of converters but we have now changed to the new style UK patented headlight deflectors that the RAC and the Drive-France.com website recommend.

We hold the Drive France website in high regard when it comes to all things "driving in France" as it has long been a trusted resource for hints and tips when it comes to motoring through Europe.

Drive-France.com said "After testing these new style Headlight Deflectors we found them to be far better than the other brands available and immediately decided change the brand we recommend to our website visitors". **

If you'd like to read a review of these converters and detailed fitting instructions by a totally independent website see the article about them here on Wheels-Alive.

Customer Review

We gave one of our regular customers, Mr Andrew Talbot, some to try and this is what he emailed us.

The reason I prefer these is that they have every make and model listed in the instructions, even really new cars with LED headlights.

Then, you just have to make sure you follow the instructions carefully and away you go.

I could be wrong, but I thought my headlights were brighter with these on, so all around - that's why I prefer them. With the Eurolites, I feel I've got them in the right place.
.. You can quote me on all of this if it's any help...