How to Fit Headlamp Converters

It really is easy to fit these beam converters to your car, van motor-home or motorbike.

Fitting Instructions

If you are concerned that you won't be able to fit your headlamp converters when you have bought them from us you needn't be.

Larry from London writes;

I drive regularly in Europe. I have taken a number of different vehicles. Previously I have always used Eurolites and have been disappointed by the number of drivers – French in particular – who continually flash me. This trip, using your deflectors, I was not flashed once, and what’s more, I could see that light was definitely being deflected to the desired pavement.

Elaine from Preston writes;

Just back from a successful trip to France when I used the headlight deflectors - easy to follow the instructions & position correctly (seemed easier than other makes that fellow motorists were attempting to apply!) ... a nice product & I'll be ordering more shortly.

Gary from Somerset writes;

Just a quick report. As you said in your e-mail the converters were very easy to fit. At the end of a trouble free 2566 mile trip round Europe (no range anxiety) they were easy to remove. Thank you for your help. I will certainly be using them again.

Ian from Surrey writes;

Just a bit of a follow up really.... I used the headlight converters on our recent European road trip and I have to say that they worked really well to deflect the beam...and also easy to remove with no sticky residue. It certainly does what it says on the tin. I'll be back next time for another set. Cheers.

We only Sell Authentic Products

Unlike other cheaply supplied versions ours come with full and easy to follow step by step fitting instructions. If you read what one of our customers says about fitting them on the headlamp deflectors page it should put your mind at rest regarding how easy these are to fit.

Fit All Makes and Models

We do not offer a list here of all the cars and vans they fit as there are too many. Though you can rest assured these simple adapters can be used on virtually any car on the roads today.

See our Gallery for images showing them being fitted.

How to Remove?

When you get home from your trip they are straightforward to remove. Depending how long you have been away and how much driving you have done with your headlights on will make a difference to how tightly stuck on they are.

Normally they just peel off quite easily but if they seem to be stuck on quite hard then I suggest that you put your headlights on for a short-while to warm them and then peel them off.

If there is any glue left on the glass/perspex of your headlights then some warm soapy water and a sponge will remove it quite easily.